Daalmans Organisational Development started in 1997 and cooperates within a network of trainers and organisational consultants.



Daalmans wants to translate scientific insights in the field of psychology, especially in the area of behaviour in organisations, into practical guidelines and help clients to transfer and implement these guidelines into their organisations. The ultimate purpose is that this will help organisations in becoming more effective and creating work that will be perceived as pleasant and meaningful.


Post address: Aldenborghstraat 4, 6001 AK  Weert, The netherlands
Visiting address: Oosterweg 23, NL-6229 XV Maastricht, The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 43 361 4187

How to reach the visiting address?

Who is working here?

Juni Daalmans, Consultant
Heilke Joosten, Management Assistant


Daalmans cooperates with other offices, each with their own area of expertise.
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