Daalmans Organizational Development

You can´t solve a problem within the frame of reference
that is used to define it.

Free after Albert Einstein

If we want to define a concept, we can use all words except the concept itself. So if we want to understand a concept, we have to place it in a broader perspective, preferably on a higher level of abstraction.

The logic of the above explains why we experience such difficulties with changing our habits and behaviors, also in organizations. Behavior is a direct result of activities from our brain and our consciousness. At the same time we need this brain and consciousness to change our behavior. That what we want to change is at the same time the instrument with which we try to change it. It is difficult to perceive ourselves from a broader perspective or from a higher level of abstraction. Others however can help, by offering an interaction, a dialogue in which the consciousness learns to see itself in a broader perspective.

Daalmans Organizational Development has a clear understanding of how frames of reference work and can be changed. In a dialogue with our customers, we create opportunities which help clients to learn to perceive the same reality from different angles, by creating new mental models. In this way, our clients learn to see and use other possibilities. This dynamic interaction can be on the level of an individual, a team or a whole organization. In this website, you can read more about our way of working and if you are interested. For those who are really interested in this topic, there is also some literature at the end.


All developments around Brain Based Safety are displayed on a different website.